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Gelatine is a thoroughly natural product. This also explains the special responsibility of the GME member companies to protect human health, nature and environment sustainably.

Gelatine in stem cell therapy
The implantation of stem cells in the human body is an opportunity to remove the causes of disease and to restore health. To breed stem cells, however, they always need a surface to which they can adhere. Frequently, latex, polystyrene and even glass particles are used for this.

The stem cells are thus implanted together with the substrate. As these materials are not biodegradable there may be undesirable side effects. Gelatine can also be used as an important aid in the development of stem cell therapy. It is especially well suited to it because it is excellently compatible and completely degradable in the body. This new method with gelatine is considered to be major progress for stem cell therapy.

Refurbishing of ancient books, paintings and buildings
How can we prevent valuable scripts and antique books in archives and libraries from deteriorating further and even decomposing? Restoration can be done with the help of special gelatine. An example: the famous Dresden music scores that were badly damaged in the German floods of 2002 were restored using special technologies and gelatine.

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