Product quality of the highest standard

Gelatine is a pure collagen protein obtained from animal raw materials. Most gelatine in Europe is obtained from pig. Other gelatines are sourced from cattle or fish.

The quality of gelatine at the highest standard is guaranteed

  • The selection of the raw materials
    Only by-products from the slaughtering of healthy animals that have been examined by a veterinarian and found fit for human consumption are used for gelatine production.
  • The production process
    gelatine is produced in modern, highly technological industrial installations. All GME member companies are certified according to the internationally applicable ISO 9002 standard, a strict quality management system.

Raw Materials

The optimum precautions to ensure safety and quality include the careful selection of the raw materials used to manufacture gelatine.

Production Process

In GME members’ industrial sites, gelatine is produced in technological industrial installations in a complex procedure involving several stages.


The safety of gelatine and hydrolysed collagen is guaranteed by national and international regulations.

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