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Healthy, natural products of highest quality is our mission

In 1974 the European gelatine manufacturers came together to form the Gelatine Manufacturers of Europe, abbreviated GME. Since then, the main task of the association has been to ensure gelatine of the highest quality for all customers and ultimately for consumers across boundaries.

The 10 leading European gelatine manufacturers form the GME. They account for around 38 per cent of worldwide gelatine production. To work as an interface between its members and the decision-makers in European politics, GME is based in Brussels.

Since GME’s foundation in 1974 legal, the business, and socioeconomic environment has been in a permanent flow of development. Customer, consumer and legal demands are challenging our industry day by day. This motivates the GME members to continuously improve their products and services: We always strive for the better.

Also the product range of our members has evolved. Several special products like hydrolysed collagens and many different types of gelatine have been developed to meet consumer’s demand in various applications. Our products are the decisive state of the art component in countless end consumer products.

Tasks & Targets

In its working committees, GME constantly pursues its core task of ensuring consistently high Product quality for customers and consumers. Research and further development of technical standards, impetus for new statutory framework conditions for the gelatine industry and the creation of transparency are the cornerstones of its activities.

Organisation & Members

Please find information about the various bodies of the Gelatine Manufacturers of Europe (GME), and a list of member companies.

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Positions & Statements

Please find GME position papers, official documents and code of conduct below.
The following official GME documents clearly demonstrate that GME take their duties very seriously. These documents are the result of the different working committees and highlight GME's contribution to ensure the best quality of gelatine across the world.


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