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High standards and transparency - Across international borders

In its working committees, GME constantly pursues its core task of ensuring consistently high Product quality for customers and consumers. Research and further development of technical standards, impetus for new statutory framework conditions for the gelatine industry and the creation of transparency are the cornerstones of its activities.

The gelatine monograph - specially developed by GME - is a key instrument for adherence to uniform quality standards. Constantly updated, it defines the latest analysis methods for all members.

In order to ensure international gelatine standards, GME also cooperates closely with international institutions, such as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

In an ever changing regulatory international environment, GME has been recognised and accepted as a responsible partner by many official agencies, not only in Europe but also in other parts of the world.

Furthermore, GME has developed close contacts with other gelatine Manufacturers Associations in the world and contributes to the improvement of standards on the world scene.

GME is active in four permanent working committees:

Technical committee

  • Further development of the gelatine monograph, defining the analysis methods for gelatine and hydrolysed collagen. The monograph is the basis for cooperation with other associations, authorities and institutions with the aim of standardizing test methods across the world.

Regulatory committee

  • Comprehensive information to legislators about the foodstuff gelatine
  • Impetus for new statutory framework conditions for the gelatine industry
  • Carrying out academic studies with reputable institutes in order to document the benefits of the healthy and natural foodstuff gelatine and hydrolysed collagen

Public relations committee

  • Creating transparency
  • World-wide information
  • Communicate the benefits of our products

Sustainability Committee


  • Taking care of matters related to the environmental, social and economic dimension of the European gelatine industry.

Identifying trends, developing strategies, shaping the future

The further development of the natural product gelatine and the development of new markets are among the core tasks of the European gelatine Association and its members.

Isn’t it impressive a foodstuff with such a long tradition like gelatine plays such an important role in the modern food industry? Today many foods contain genetically modified ingredients and/or large number of additives and E numbers. None of this applies to the pure, collagen protein gelatine. Gelatine is a healthy foodstuff with a variety of still unbeaten advantages that European gelatine Manufacturers are constantly optimising for various products.

The GME and its members take their responsibilities very seriously, and are constantly working on ever new areas of application in order to help improve the quality of life with the natural product gelatine.

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