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Hydrolysed collagen is a white odourless powder, neutral in taste and easily soluble in cold liquids. It is an emulsifier, foaming agent, texturiser and binder. It comprises the same raw material as gelatine without its gelling behaviour.

But the most important properties of hydrolysed collagen are its incomparable health and beauty aspects.

The health and beauty benefits of hydrolysed collagen have been commonly acknowledged recognised for ages. Now it has been scientifically proven that 10 grams of hydrolysed collagen per day meet the daily requirements of an adult to enjoy benefits on joint, bone and skin health. Hydrolysed collagen has become a key ingredient for the nutraceutical (functional foods, beverages, dietary supplements) and cosmetic industries.

A valuable source of protein, it is also particularly relevant for high protein diets and sports nutrition.

The following infographic gives an overview.

  • Vital amino acids

    Hydrolysed collagen, a natural protein, is particularly beneficial to bones and joints because it contains large concentrations of the amino acids glycine and proline. Both of these amino acids are vital to the development of joint cartilage, which suffers if joints are subject to great stress.

  • No bitter taste or allergenic potential

    When compared with other hydrolysed proteins such as soy or whey, hydrolysed collagen does not have a bitter taste that needs to be masked in the final product. Furthermore, in contrast to other proteins (milk, soy, etc.), hydrolysed collagen is not known to have an allergenic potential.

  • No negative side effects

    In contrast to other ingredients that are beneficial to joint health, hydrolysed collagen has no negative side effects.

  • Sports nutrition

    Hydrolysed collagen is an important ingredient in sports nutrition, for example in such products as protein bars or shakes. Since it is so similar to the proteins found in the human body, it is easily absorbed by the body for use in its processes.

  • Promotes connective tissue

    Hydrolysed collagen is beneficial to the connective tissue, ensuring taut and firm skin. When taken orally, the natural protein is absorbed immediately into the bloodstream and transported directly to the body parts that need it, the connective tissue.

  • Promotes joint, bone and skin health

    Studies have shown that 10 grams of hydrolysed collagen per day are sufficient for adults to enjoy the benefits on joint, bone and skin health.



In comparison with other hydrolysed proteins e.g. soy or whey, hydrolysed collagen has no bitter taste that needs to be masked in the final product. In addition, hydrolysed collagen has no  common allergenic potential like other proteins (milk, soy etc.)


In contrast to other joint health ingredients, it has a valid scientific background and no negative side effects.

It is easily incorporated in existing production processes.

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