Gelatine – Thoroughly natural and healthy

Gelatine is a pure natural protein obtained from animal raw materials containing collagen. Gelatine is a food ingredient and not a food additive with an E-Number. Today’s consumers are more and more conscious about the components used in their daily products. The request for so-called “clean labelling” is growing. Gelatine as a natural foodstuff meets this demand perfectly.


  • 84-90% protein
  • 1-2% mineral salts
  • the rest is water

Gelatine does not contain any preservatives or other additives. It is free of fat, cholesterol and purines (= uric acid compounds).

A highly valuable protein for the human organism

Without protein there would be no human life. Other nutrients, such as fats and carbohydrates, can replace each other in the human metabolism over long periods. But people need protein every day. The natural foodstuff gelatine is therefore of inestimable value to the human organism.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. The human body is capable of making all the proteins it needs from amino acids. However, there are nine amino acids that the body cannot produce itself and therefore have to be regularly consumed in the diet. They are called essential amino acids. Gelatine contains a total of 18 amino acids, including eight out of the nine essential amino acids.

Gelatine – A multi-faceted product

The most common use of gelatine is in food applications, followed by pharmaceutical use, photographic use and technical use. What makes gelatine so unique is the large number of different properties combined in this single product. Those are functions like gelling, thickening, foam building, stabilizing, water binding etc. and also properties like causing no common allergies, 100% natural, cholesterol free, purine free, fat free, etc.

There is no other ingredient in the world which combines all the mentioned and required properties in just one food product. In many applications several of the gelatine properties are needed for the final product. Instead of gelatine several other ingredients would be needed in combination to come close to the holistic gelatine properties, but without equalling them.

Another interesting fact about gelatine is that it can be tailor- made for every application or customer. Accurate selection and combination of different manufacturing badges is the key for fulfilling the individual demands. Countless types of gelatine exist which are specified by several parameters of which one of the most important is the “bloom-value”. The bloom-value specifies the gel strength of gelatine. The vast majority of gelatine is manufactured in the form of a white, odour- and tasteless powder which is shipped to the customers.

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