Today’s consumers are more educated and better informed than ever. They have a strong desire for healthy and natural foodstuffs. That is why functional food is fashionable. In addition to the usual nutritional content, these foods have an additional benefit and ensure that the body receives an optimum supply of vitamins, proteins or fibres, for example. Key health focuses include energy, bones and joints, heart, intestinal relief and relaxation.

Bone and joint related disease will due to the aging population, increase dramatically in the near future. This puts greater pressure on every individual to take care of their own health. There is a great opportunity for functional food to fight these problems with the regular daily diet. The same is valid for the outer signs of ageing. A juvenile appearance is what everybody will be striving for. As a consequence, beauty products for skin, hair and nail improvement will be in great demand. And even today the potential of these tailor made peptides is not fully unlocked.

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