Gelatine is an indispensable all-rounder used in countless products and applications. Most people associate gelatine with delicious desserts, fruit gums of table jellies but did you know that gelatine plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry, the photographic industry and in several technical applications.

Food industry

Gelatine is a high-quality ingredient and, as a food, combines many positive properties for delicious food preparations. Gelatine is indispensable for modern cuisine thanks to its unique gelling strength. In desserts for example, foam formation, stabilization and texture enhancement are interesting properties for up-to-date dessert creations.

Pharmaceutical industry

The majority of gelatine in the pharmaceutical field is used for the production of hard- and soft-shell capsules and the coating of tablets. It can also be used for its binding properties to bring cohesiveness and hardness to the tablets. Special types of gelatine are used in Blood Plasma expander and for vaccination.

Photographic industry

Thanks to gelatine, amateur films, colour paper, graphic films and X-ray films, can be produced in industrial volumes.


Gelatine is already a part of countless products. With its many properties, it also holds a considerable potential for new, innovative products in all spheres of life.

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