Gelatine is an important source of protein. In our every day food, the intake of protein is, compared to fat and carbohydrates, far too low. Gelatine can replace carbohydrates and fat in many foods effectively, thus making for an improved daily nutrition. Additionally protein has a much better energy balance compared to carbohydrates and fat, so a replacement leads to a lower net-energy intake.

Low fat products

Gelatine can play an important role in the preparation of low or reduced fat foods. Due to its ability to build oil in water emulsions it can partially replace the high fat content in many products.

Low sugar products

In many cases sugar is used as a binding agent for the other ingredients. As an example in most cereal bars sugar is used to “glue” the cereals together.

Clean labelling / natural product

Today consumers are more and more conscious about the products they consume. Natural and healthy ingredients are becoming a decisive factor for the decision to purchase food products.

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