Cooking with gelatine - healthy and delicious

Gelatine has a regular place in modern cuisine because it is an excellent gelling agent. Gourmet cooking is also impossible without gelatine. Creams and desserts owe their creamy consistency and unique mouth-feel to gelatine. Terrines, pâtés and jellies are simply inconceivable without gelatine. Gelatine dishes are also ideally suited as a basis for special diets and calorie-conscious nutrition. Gelatine is a source of high-quality protein, almost fat free and does not contain any cholesterol or sugar.

With gelatine there are no limits on your imagination and your creativity in the kitchen. Gelatine powder or leaf gelatine can be bought in any food store. Preparation is simple and dishes with gelatine are particularly delicious due to their consistency. On this page you will find tips for successful cooking with gelatine and some delicious recipes to try out.

Enjoy cooking with gelatine - Bon Appétit!

Cooking with gelatine

Preparing gelatine properly: The Do's and Don’ts. What you must always remember when preparing your dishes with gelatine.


Here you will find recipes for starters, main courses, side dishes, desserts and low-calorie dishes.

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