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Food Hydrocolloid Conference

Are you interested in hydrocolloids? 

Are you interested in gelatine in the food industry?

Meet us at the Food Hydrocolloid Conference in Lisbon, April 28-30, 2019


The Food Hydrocolloid Conference organized by IMR is taking place in Lisbon from April 28 to 30. Don’t miss the annual gathering of hydrocolloids experts in food applications. As gelatine is one of the two most important hydrocolloids, GME is contributing a speech about gelatine and its important role as a natural protein in the food industry. International speakers will talk about the use of hydrocolloids in food applications, the global market and customer challenges, collaboration and trends such as clean labelling, trust and transparency in the food industry. Visit https://www.hydrocolloid.com/conference.php for further information and to register. 

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