GME – a label of quality

GME is the forum of the European gelatine and collagen peptides industry, a growing and innovative one. Gelatine and collagen peptides are natural, sustainable and healthy ingredients, used in numerous sectors and for various applications.

As a leading association comprising all the major gelatine manufacturers, GME informs and shares the best practices of its members with customers, public authorities, European and worldwide, and the media. GME is an overall active partner – and a label of quality.

GME's mission

GME, the Gelatine Manufacturers of Europe, is the leading association of Europe's foremost gelatine manufacturers. GME's mission is to serve the European gelatine industry, to support the products gelatine and collagen peptides and also to inform and communicate with customers, authorities and the media. GME also motivates its members to continuously improve and standardise their products and services in a changing environment.

GME's structure

Founded in 1974 by leading European gelatine manufacturers, the GME association is an important platform and the number one voice in the gelatine industry. It has the support of the industry as a whole. The Brussels-based association currently consists of 11 members, and represents almost 100 percent of the European gelatine production. This counts for one third of the global gelatine production. Since GME's foundation, the industry, the socio-economic environment and the legal framework have evolved. A number of items are on the radar at the GME level, which in turn is the ideal platform – a joint body at the service of the gelatine manufacturers.

GME's main focus

GME's primary focus is on setting highest standards for quality, safety and sustainability amongst its member companies. Due to the commitment and structure of its members these activities have often global impact. Especially the topic of sustainability in a world of ever growing demand for products but also for environmental friendly solutions. The manufacturing of gelatine and collagen peptides is done under permanent improving conditions and moreover makes the meat and milk industry more sustainable. No animal is raised for gelatine manufacturing, but as all food producing animals are raised for the milk and/or meat production, the by-products should be valued in the best possible way.

Also non-animal is not always synonymous with 'healthy', natural and sustainable whereas gelatine and collagen peptides offer such advantages. Because of their versatility, these ingredients play a key role in the manufacturing of many food and pharma end-products. Moreover, many different types of gelatines and collagen peptides have been developed for a large range of applications to meet the customers and consumers demand and play also an important role in functionality of foodstuffs, pharmaceutical applications and cosmetics.

In surgery for example gelatine is irreplaceable in medical devices as blood binder and wound compression. As a natural protein, gelatine is 100% compatible with the human body.

Via its website, social media activities and other communication tools, the GME will continue to inform, to speak for the industry, and to represent both the industry's traditions and future capabilities.