Jelly baby cake

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  • 1 baked pastry case 
  • 1 pack jelly babies 
  • 1/2 litre milk 
  • one leaf of gelatine 
  • vanilla pudding powder 
  • vanilla syrup 
  • 1 pack of clear glaze 
  • a little fruit juice 
  • sugar


  1. Carefully remove the baked pastry case from the packaging. Using the 1/2 litre milk, the sugar and the vanilla pudding powder follow the recipe to cook the vanilla pudding. Dissolve the leaf of gelatine in the vanilla pudding. Pour the vanilla pudding into the pastry case and leave to cool. 
  2. Now place the jelly babies on the vanilla pudding. The pudding should still be warm enough that the jelly babies can be positioned securely on the pudding but do not sink right in. An easy way to arrange the jelly babies is in concentric circles. Leave to cool. 
  3. Prepare the clear glaze according to the instructions. Replace the water (or a part of) with some of the fruit juice (e.g. raspberry or orange juice). Refine the glaze with a shot of the vanilla syrup. Pour the glaze over the jelly babies and allow to cool. 
  4. Serve with vanilla sauce and jelly as accompaniments.